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1. How old is Sean?

A) 27

B) 24

C) 25

D) 22


2. Where do Sarah & Sean live?

A) Newcastle

B) Southport

C) Birmingham

D) Portsmouth


3. Who was Sarah & Sean's mentor during Xfactor?

A) Simon Cowell

B) Louis Walsh

C) Cheryl Cole

D) Danni Minogue


4. What are Sean & Sarah's goats called?

A) Tea & Coffee

B) Coffee & Toast

C) Toast & Tea

D) Tilly & Tea


5. Sean & Sarah's debut single was called?

A) We R 1

B) Breaking Free

C) Shine On Forever (Photoframe)

D) We R One


6. Sarah's favourite make-up brand is?


B) Estee Lauder

C) Bobbi Brown

D) Clinique


7. What was the winners single for Xfactor 2007?

A) Issues

B) Thats my Goal

C) Biology

D) When You Believe


8. What colour mohican did Sean have in school?

A) Brown

B) Blonde

C) Blue

D) Red


9. What chart position did 'POP' chart at?

A) 10

B) 7

C) 13

D) 22


10. What does Sean hate?

A) Spiders

B) Dirty Shoes

C) Rude People

D) Water


11. Name the track which SD performed which was a massive hit for 'Wham!'?

A) Blame It On The Boogie

B) Tragedy

C) Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

D) Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now


12. Who did Sarah & Sean duet with during Xfactor?

A) Jason Donovan

B) Kylie Minogue

C) Cheryl Cole

D) Robbie Williams


13. What was Sarah & Sean's biggest regret about Xfactor?

A) Entering together

B) Being too cheesy

C) Not being able to sing the winners song

D) Singing 'Never Had A Dream Come True'


14. Which year did SD enter Xfactor?

A) 2008

B) 2006

C) 2005

D) 2007


15. What is Sarah's dog called?

A) Frankie

B) Kenco

C) Sophie

D) Smudge


16. What is Sarah & Sean's favourite home cooked meal?

A) Fish Pie

B) Lasagne

C) Spagetti Bolognese

D) Chicken Curry


17. What did Sarah get stuck up her nose on Christmas Eve when she was younger?

A) Pea

B) Button

C) Haribo

D) Marble


18. What is SD's new tour manager called?

A) Simon

B) James

C) Jamie

D) Mark



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