Who are Team SD??....

Fans of Same Difference who help promote them & their music & will support them no matter what.


What we do?....

  • Promote SD
  • Support SD
  • Go to gigs & events to support SD
  • Make lots of friends
  • Support & help other members of Team SD
  • Most of all...HAVE LOTS OF F....U....N....FUN!!!!

Meet Team SD HQ....








Team SD go to 'POP' album launch party....

Some of Team SD were lucky enough to go along to Sarah & Sean's album launch party for their debut album 'POP'.

Emmi, Debs, Emily, Soph & Jack along with other SD fans went to the party which was held at 'Ed's Diner' in London on Monday 10th November 2008 from about 6.00pm-8.30pm, where they got to hang out with Sarah & Sean.

They had lots of fun & joined in with singing & dancing competitions which Sarah & Sean held to win lots of SD single & album posters.

Lots of food & fun later they got given SD goodie bags with SD t-shirts, sweets, SD badges, SD magazines, signed pictures, SD balloons & lots more.

Heres a few pictures from the night..


Oh we look so young here!!

Don't you just LOVE that poster!


Emmi, Debs, Soph, Emily & Jack :)


Debs, Emmi & Soph with Sarah & Sean

 Aww the girlies :)

Team SD support SD at Swindon gig....

Loads of Team SD went to support Sarah & Sean when they did an outdoor gig in Swindon at Swindon Bowl Gardens on 3rd July 2010.They had an amazing time & had lots of fun & laughs together all day & night. The atmosphere when Sarah & Sean were on singing on stage was emense all of Team SD were dancing & singing along. When it came to Sarah & Sean singing 'Never Had A Dream Come True' under the moonlight, everyone was swaying their arms and hugging each other. We all were nearly brought to tears because it was such a great night, even Sarah & Sean said they felt like crying while they were singing on stage, because they were so happy we had all turned up to support them.

After the gig Team SD went & spent some time with Sarah & Sean had lots of fun posing for funny group pictures.

Here's some photos from the night....